Taunik Features

Every bottle includes these Taunik Features which covers everything from the patented DoubleSpring Cap design and FDA Approved soft-touch material to being made right here in the USA.

taunik bottle caps

DoubleSpring Cap

Taunik's patented DoubleSpring Cap design increases water flow while preventing leaking, keeping every last drop of water for you.

FDA Approved

Taunik bottles are all 100% BPA and Phthalate Free, and use an FDA Approved LDPE material for a soft-touch & easy-to-use bottle style.

Made in the USA

All Taunik bottles are manufactured in the USA; from the time you submit your design to receiving your order, all steps are managed in the United States.

Fits Most Bottle Cages

The design for all Taunik bottles fit in most water bottle cages and sit perfectly in all Giant & Liv cages securely, while keeping it easy-to-access.

Your Style. Your Bottle.
Made by Taunik.